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Short version:
  • Modern AU, meaning present day, but possibly could be tweaked to recent past (1950s or later).
  • She's about 22 at this point, and has been basically on her own since about 14; she still comes from an abusive household and ran away from that very intentionally.  She was in and out of foster care as a teenager, but it never really stuck.
  • She's still an artistic creature, a model and occasionally artist in her own right; the internet modeling/art scene has been a great help to her, and she's perfectly comfortable.  She's got income (irregular but ultimately reliable), she's got her work and her travels and her lovers, she's got a place of her own to live, small though it is.
  • She's still got some damage to work through, though.  She's got a poetic soul, but also a dark mind, thanks in large part to her childhood.
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Short version:
  • Kinsey 3; attracted to men and women, although she doesn't trust men as easily.
  • Sometimes kinky (switch tending toward sub) but with very abrupt and sometimes unexpected nos.  She will wield that safeword and if you don't respect it you're out.
  • As shipping goes, yes to Moritz, yes to Martha, yes to Wendla, yes to Anna, probably to Melchior, probably to Georg, in general much more likely with artistic types..


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